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Very clean!

With a small bottle of liquid soap next to the sink, children won't need to be asked twice to wash their hands. They will love to push on the top and smell the fresh scent: Violet, Tomato leaf, Ginger flower, Parsley-mint, Verbena...


This is the soap of our school years. Practical, hygienic and economical, it's sold in a beautiful old style card box, ideal for a small gift. Additional soaps are available on box of six pieces.



For a summer kitchen or an outdoor tap, a large cubic traditional Marseille soap (72% oil, natural and biodegradable), set on a solid cast iron soap holder ornate with scrolls.  


You are facing difficult dish washing and rebel dirt? Let's call Spulburste brush for help, nothing scares it!


Finally, let's talk about delicacy with those little heart-shaped guest soaps, which smell exactly... the doll of our childhood! Put them on your weekend guests' bathroom to welcome them with refinement. Also available in different shapes "rose" and "bunny".

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