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Super bowl!

This autumn, new original models complete the range of Collector bowls. Each season, the collection get bigger and the "aficionados" can't resist the temptation. Thanks to their large content (75 cl) you will easily find other uses for these bowls, to present biscuits or fruits for example.


Chromo inspiration for with two patterns new bowl: on one side, flowers with delicate tones, on the other appetizing apples.


This new bowl reminds the ancient advertising programmes for chocolate with a typical lettering from the 30's. For the foaming breakfast lovers, it matches a large mug and a beautiful jug.


Let's go to the farm! Offer the new 2011 "rabbit", "hen" and "cow", with decorations inspired from ancient school images. They go so well together that we want to see them all on the breakfast or snack table. Children love them! 


Discover our 23 models to collect passionately 


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