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Scents refills

To extend your pleasure and save money, from now on several products of scents are proposed with economical refills: family soaps, everyday soaps, The Original and Olive oil, the foaming bath gel Les Bains, refills of perfume and stalks of rattan for perfumed bouquets.


The foaming gel Les Bains with delicate scent of sweet almond is proposed in flask pump and in refill of 500 ml. It's a French made product without colouring agent and without paraben, to use in its original packaging or to decant in the new Victoria soap dispenser made in earthenware.


The Original and Olive oil soaps are part of our best selling items. You will find these two products of everyday life in our stores and on the online shop, in flask-pump of 500 ml and in economic 1 litre refill.


From now on, the perfumed bouquets have perfume refills of 200 ml and stalks of wicker sold separately. Bouquets and refills are proposed in three flavours: L'Heure du goûter (new scent of the winter 2011), Veillée au chalet and Fruits d'Epices.


The Family Soap, wall soap calling back our school years, is a product that most of you have always approved. Refills are proposed by six in a box.

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