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Memories are made of this

Bringing memories of times past into modern-day homes. This simple concept sets Comptoir de Famille apart from the rest in home design.

With our collections, we are constantly seeking to respond to your feelings and to create linen, furniture, crockery, glassware and decorative items and household scents. Objects full of poetry yet still functional and hard-wearing - all at reasonable prices.


Our customers always break out with a smile when the walk into our stores. They feel like they are in a house they grew up in - with the plates and the sugar tin bringing back so many childhood memories.

And there are some real finds...
So what are we going to give our dinner party hostess this evening? Scents for the home, or how about an cute old-style milk bottle? It's all about the joy of seeking out that meaningful gift.

And for me? This series of junk-shop speckled bowls, practical furniture for the kitchen, or a scent. The candle names are enough to make you hungry - "cooked apple", "café crème". They last a long time because they use good quality parrafin and their wicks are made of woven cotton - two details that demonstrate the care taken with all Comptoir de Famille products.

Our products are mostly handmade - a sign of their unique.

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