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Curiosity cabinet

With the development of explorations during the century XVI, princes and science lovers started to collect curiosities coming from new worlds.
Minerals and treasures from the vegetable or animal kingdom are patiently collected and exhibited, giving birth to the very first museums. In its modern version, your curiosity cabinet will be your library, your office, or a little space in a hallway or in a living room.   


The compact and refined line of Collector furniture has been imagined to highlight your treasures and books. The basics are a wall-mounted rack, a refined black desk and a metal chair. You can note the burnt orange colour of the chair, matching the drawer inside part.  


All the furniture from the Collectionneur range have and antique black patina and match accessories with the same inspiration (lamp stands, small trays...) The front of the two-drawers chest has a decoration inspired from naturalist boards.  


Birds are on their perches, a beetle is imprisoned in a paper press, a pillbox is decorated with an owl: this is the spirit of the curiosity cabinet!


A beautiful mirror with a large old gold framing strengthens the poetic and mysterious atmosphere. Un beau miroir à large encadrement patiné vieil or renforce l'ambiance poétique et un peu mystérieuse.


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