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In the hallway, we guess the timetable of the whole family. Mum and Caroline, back from the market, have dropped their baskets full of vegetables. Grandpa hasn't left; his hat is still hung on the coat hanger.


Two pairs of slippers stored in their drawer are waiting for Mathilde and Marc to come back from their morning walk. In another drawer, Paul the teddy bear is hoping that his little master would wake up soon.


As in a countryside hotel, a small wall box unit contains everyone's mail... but also all kind of items found in the house and given back to the owner, identified by a numbered enamelled sign. Caroline is the most absent-minded, her box is always full. "Oh, you found my glasses", she said ingenuously!  


This shelf with mirror has a deep top, a shelf with an edge and hooks. Placed in the hallway, it keeps an eye open so that nobody forgets anything: hat, mail to post, keys...


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