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In 2006, Comptoir de Famille was the second biggest interior design network in France.

Distributed by stores under the trading name of Comptoir de Famille and by multiple-brand independent stores, our products are in a league of their own in the interior design market.

The average annual growth in turnover in our network is over 30% in the last four years.
We'd like you to join us in our growth and to enter into partnership with a rapidly expanding brand. You need to share the values that form the basis of our success: sincerity, simplicity, authenticity.

 An expanding market

Over the past ten years, the interior design market has seen an average growth of 10% a year (source: Sofres).

A number of reasons account for this rise:

- consumers are taking increasing care over their living environment,

- they are looking for points of reference; seeking items in line with their aspirations,

- modern times are seeing a return to traditional values such as human warmth, happy times spent with family and friends.


 Comptoir de Famille - a unique creative concept

Taking its inspiration from the past, but made for modern everyday usage, the items reinvented by Comptoir de Famille are objects that truly speak to the heart.

Furniture, fabrics, household linen, crockery, glassware, scents - each of our creations across all the ranges contributes to a wonderful rediscovery of rediscovered feelings through their authenticity and character.

Our concept has a wealth of collective memory to draw on. It is timeless - each era and its objects.

A dynamic brand

By the end of 2006, our distribution network was made up of:

- 34 Comptoir de Famille branded stores: 32 in France, 2 abroad (Brussels and Boston) The French network is made up of 10 branch stores and 22 franchised stores.

- over 1000 multi-brand points of sale in France, 200 of which are partners.

- over 600 multi-brand points of sale abroad, including 50 which have opted to become privileged partners by devoting a Corner Space given over to Comptoir de Famille brand products.

 Become a privileged partner

  • Do you want to increase your sales and capitalize on the increasing awareness of our brand among consumers, by devoting an area to the promotion of Comptoir de Famille products?

  • We can offer you Partnership with Comptoir de Famille as a Privileged Corner Space, with many benefits and tailor-made support


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