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As a novel

Daddy's favourite room looks like an author alcove. He spends there quiet hours, enjoying the pleasure to write under the lamp filtered light. But what is he writing? His journal ? A story he will tell us one day ? So far, nobody has solved the riddle!


Masterpiece of the room, the large minister desk is read like a story: its many drawers and little niches seem to harbour secret notebooks, battle plans and other mysterious documents.


Dad has chosen carefully his beech wood armchair. It has a beautiful fan-shaped back holding the back and releasing the shoulders, comfortable and enveloping armrests and a pressed and preformed seat: He hasn't left apart comfort, nor aesthetics. Very stable with its cross foot, this armchair is revolving. If dad would allow us, it would be very funny to whirl until we feel dizzy!


Classic, practical and compact, this roll-top column has three levels that are high enough to contain boxes to store documents. Dad is not very well-ordered, this is his only fault. That's why he likes this furniture which allows to hide the mess of his documents thanks to a gracious and light wooden curtain.


With its pull-out flap set at good height, the roll-top column can be used as an extra desk. Very practical label holders give information on the content of the shelves.


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