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Comptoir de Famille out of our borders

Shops in Krakow, Bratislava and Kiev


In Krakow, this beautiful shop painted in pink has been created by a France lover who has discovered Comptoir de Famille travelling to our country.

Our collections have been presented on 90 m² since April 2010. The shop is located 2 rue Dluga, a large commercial street in Krakow, cultural capital of Poland with a rich historical heritage. Your visit at the shop will be an opportunity to discover the nearby city centre, preserved and appreciated by tourists, where antique tramways still run.


In Brastislava, capital of Slovakia, Comptoir de Famille adventure started from September 2005 in a small shop of 42 m2, transfered to a larger shop of 171 m² in January 2009.

Our brand is now presented in the historical city centre's heart, on Medena Street, which is a very old street very close to the Slovak national theatre. Famous in the whole country, it is dedicated to music via specialized shops and musical bars. An address not to miss when you visit Solvakia !

In Kiev, a brand new Comptoir de Famille shop of 130m² opened at the end of July at 30, Krasnoarmeyskaya Street, a very commercial street in the city centre. 

Let's listen to the shop owner explaning why they started with Comptoir de Famille: " Nowadays, family values are becoming more and more important. Feeling again emotions from our childhood is an experience that can only make us fall in love with the brand. A nostalgic style associated with high-end quality and natural materials place Comptoir de Famille as the most interesting partner on the market."

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