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A lady's bathroom

In Mummy's bathroom, on top of a stool, Pauline is playing to put make up on.  She loves this clear room with white furniture and a lot of precious items: mirrors, delicate crockery receptacles, and beautiful pouches... 


Kaolin is a complete range of gracious birch wood: toilet unit, wall shelve, column unit, large bench, stool, towel stand, mirror with hooks. Thanks to the white patina, they create a nice atmosphere recalling seaside resort hotels and offer interesting storage volumes to set the linen and bath accessories.


The crockery range Victoria renews with the cruise spirit and makes us dream. Hurry up! let's get out of the cabin, the boat's powerful siren has just rang and yet, the elegant ladies dressed in white get out on the deck to view the arrival at the port.  



Mon Ange and Amitié are two tender themes presented for two small silvered mirrors. Dilemma: offer one or keep one for me or put one in my bag and let the other one for the bathroom?


Hair dressing accessories, make up, it's amazing what can fit in this duet of linen pouches and these two matching boxes closed with a red ribbon. It's a very nice nomad range that will find its place in a feminine office or among the sewing box.


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